Friday, December 23, 2011

End of the Year, New Post!

We're not dead yet!

Gristly Noodle by recompas

First time using my newly built Gristleizer + a bunch of modules all setup in a self-playing patch. I modded my Gristleizer to include a CV input. The switch in the middle allows you to switch the input to the depth pot between the internal LFO and the CV input. The Gristleizer is in Amp mode for this one. one oscillator is modulating another's cv, the result of wich + a sub oscillator signal is being sent into my Buchla LPG clone and then on to the Gristleizer. The "randomness" is created with a complex patch utilizing a Doepfer LFO, Voltage Quantizer, Comparator, and ADSR all generating or affecting teh CV of the oscillators.

I really need to get a source of uncertainty or something along those lines...

VoS out.