Friday, December 23, 2011

End of the Year, New Post!

We're not dead yet!

Gristly Noodle by recompas

First time using my newly built Gristleizer + a bunch of modules all setup in a self-playing patch. I modded my Gristleizer to include a CV input. The switch in the middle allows you to switch the input to the depth pot between the internal LFO and the CV input. The Gristleizer is in Amp mode for this one. one oscillator is modulating another's cv, the result of wich + a sub oscillator signal is being sent into my Buchla LPG clone and then on to the Gristleizer. The "randomness" is created with a complex patch utilizing a Doepfer LFO, Voltage Quantizer, Comparator, and ADSR all generating or affecting teh CV of the oscillators.

I really need to get a source of uncertainty or something along those lines...

VoS out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Modular Soundtrack

Here's a piece I recorded for an installation in europe by fashion designer siki im. Patch details:

Gear Used/Patch:

Moog MS20 -> DIY Fuzz Face clone -> MoogerFooger Ring Modulator

Boss Dr. Sample

Drone Commander

Steiner VC Oscillator -> Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter with Modulation from an LFO-ENV created with Doepfer A-167 Comp and A-140 ADSR

MFOS Osc control by VoS Sequencer -> Buchla LPG Clone in Amp Mode controlled by Serge VCS which receives a gate from the VoS Sequencer -> Blacet Klang Werk -> VoS Filter controlled by Doepfer A-146 LFO

All going into Ableton for recording, with most of them on a send to a dig spring reverb module and a few space echo clone vsts.

Sndtrk by recompas

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loft Collab

Last Saturday I got a chance to make some music with alterbreak on Art Inst. of Chicago's amazing EMU Modular and MOTM system. More details on the patching we'll post later, but for now here's the rough mix of the track:

Loft- Untitled 2 (collaboration with Recompas/Voice of Saturn) by alter/break

My part mainly used the MOTM system. I used several MOTM 300 Ultra VCO's to create both the sequence (controlled by the amazing Q119 Sequential Controller) and the chirps and clicks using the MOTM 800 Env. Generators and micro VCA's. The main sequencer went through a MOTM440 ota VCF and the chirp sounds were from the resonance of a MOTM420 VCF. I used some the vco's on the EMU as LFO's for filter control and a really cool custom clock divider to handle some of the triggering. Nate can take it from here on explaining the other half of the emu stuff. Some very rare and unique modules in that thing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Voice of Saturn II prototype

Here's a short demo of the Voice of Saturn II, a synth based on schmitt trigger oscillators with lots of voltage control. There's 3 oscillators of the 6 implemented in the current prototype. I'm thinking of building 2 more for this prototype, since that's all that will fit in the case. At least one will be super low rate for some nice LFO functionality (not the light funky ones). Towards the end of the video I control it with my VoS sequencer for some nice space sounds. The VoSII can be used as audio rate VCOs or as VCLFO's, but either way it will melt faces.

Voice of Saturn Synth II Prototype from Travis Thatcher on Vimeo.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lil Chud vs. PBJ Bassoon Solo

Although my rig-let is not as boner-inducing as T's or N's, it is still fun as crappp! I love the weird bassoon timbre.

Lil Chud bits:
CVM MFOS VCO square lowlowlow freq to Buchla clone LPG, both controlled by Voice of Saturn sequencer, two VoS LFO sections modding VCO, and one LFO controlled by sequencer CV for waves of squigglies (not Squiggy). Lots of crossmodulating. SubOsc also going to LPG for rhythmic clickies n texture. PB&J sandwich going thru Voice of Saturn VCF. All running thru the ole Echoplex.

Interesting Ring Modulator use

Ring Modulator as Band Pass Filter from Pete Shambler on Vimeo.

Some good notes on using a ring modulator as a bandpass filter. Nice Voice of Saturn sequencer action in there too!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here's a piece done in one take with the following:

Audio Path:
Steiner VC Oscillator (David Ingebretsen re-issue) -> Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode)
Music From Outer Space VCO -> Blacet MiniWave -> Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode)
Music From Outer Space VCO -> Blacet Klang Werk -> Voice of Saturn VCF -> Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode)

Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode) -> Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter -> Ableton Live
Ableton Live send -> Roland RE-201 Space Echo

CV Mod:
Blacet Binary Zone -> Blacet Klang Werk carrier cv
Doepfer A-146 LFO -> wave select on MiniWave, bank 9
Bananalogue Serge VCS in loop mode -> Cutoff of Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter

This is kind of what it sounds like inside my head today. The oscillators are tuned in octaves, with the MiniWave slowly cycling through a folded sine-wave sequence, creating richer harmonics. Its all just a self-playing patch, though at the end I tweak the rise and fall of the VCS to make it go a bit nuts. Yummy.

Depth Charge by recompas