Friday, March 18, 2011

Lil Chud vs. PBJ Bassoon Solo

Although my rig-let is not as boner-inducing as T's or N's, it is still fun as crappp! I love the weird bassoon timbre.

Lil Chud bits:
CVM MFOS VCO square lowlowlow freq to Buchla clone LPG, both controlled by Voice of Saturn sequencer, two VoS LFO sections modding VCO, and one LFO controlled by sequencer CV for waves of squigglies (not Squiggy). Lots of crossmodulating. SubOsc also going to LPG for rhythmic clickies n texture. PB&J sandwich going thru Voice of Saturn VCF. All running thru the ole Echoplex.

Interesting Ring Modulator use

Ring Modulator as Band Pass Filter from Pete Shambler on Vimeo.

Some good notes on using a ring modulator as a bandpass filter. Nice Voice of Saturn sequencer action in there too!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here's a piece done in one take with the following:

Audio Path:
Steiner VC Oscillator (David Ingebretsen re-issue) -> Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode)
Music From Outer Space VCO -> Blacet MiniWave -> Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode)
Music From Outer Space VCO -> Blacet Klang Werk -> Voice of Saturn VCF -> Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode)

Buchla 292c LPG Clone (amp mode) -> Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter -> Ableton Live
Ableton Live send -> Roland RE-201 Space Echo

CV Mod:
Blacet Binary Zone -> Blacet Klang Werk carrier cv
Doepfer A-146 LFO -> wave select on MiniWave, bank 9
Bananalogue Serge VCS in loop mode -> Cutoff of Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter

This is kind of what it sounds like inside my head today. The oscillators are tuned in octaves, with the MiniWave slowly cycling through a folded sine-wave sequence, creating richer harmonics. Its all just a self-playing patch, though at the end I tweak the rise and fall of the VCS to make it go a bit nuts. Yummy.

Depth Charge by recompas

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old Dirty Drone Commander


Steiner VC Oscillator (David Ingebretsen re-issue)
Music From Outer Space VCO
Doepfer A-140 Envelope Gen
Voice of Saturn VCF
Buchla 292c LoPass Gate Clone
Grendel Drone Commander (Eric Archer)
Blacet 2440 Stonz Phaser
Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synth (kick drum sounds)

All going into my motu 828 mkII and Ableton live, which also provided some drum sounds and midi-cv sequencing via a Kenton ProSolo MKII.

I basically was playing around with different bass sounds to make a slammin' techno dancefloor choon. The 2 oscs were both on square wave, relatively at 50% pulsewidth. The VoS VCF was just used as a 2 input mixer which then fed its output into the newly added filter input to my Drone Commander (with the internal oscillators switched off). The output of that was then fed into the Buchla LPG which was in VCA mode, being triggered byt the Doepfer envelope gen. The final signal was sent through the Sontz in neg. phaser mode with a stereo output and a slow LFO pan. There's a square wave that ends up in there doubling up the bass for thickness's sake from a simple plugin.

3.4.hardtechno - bass test by TheVoiceOfSaturn

Klee and VOS sequencer controlling Paia 9700 and DIY modular synthesizer.


Paia 9700
DIY Modular(Klee sequencer, MFOS VCO, MFOS VCF, Buchla/TW LPG x 2, MOTM ADSR,
Grant Richter Wogglebug #3)
Voice of Saturn Sequencer
Roland RS09
Yamaha Rev 7
Ibanez AD99 x 2
EHX Smallstone

VOS Seq= Step 9 to reset, Clock to Klee clock in, CV out to multiple to Paia Osc A P2/Osc B P1, Gate to Paia VCA CV L, Step 2 to 8, Step 5 to 6, Step 7 to Paia EG2 Trigger

Klee Seq= CV B to 1V/Octave MFOS VCO, CV A + B to Paia Filter B Fc 2, Main Trigger out to Paia EG1 Trigger, Merged Bus 1 Trigger to MOTM ADSR Trigger, Merged Bus 2 Gate to MFOS VCF CV1, Bus 2 Trigger to LPG1 Control, Bus 3 Trigger to LPG2 Control, Bus 3 Gate to LPG2 CV1, Clock thru to Wogglebug Clock, Bus1 Load on, Load Bus Bits 1 and 9, 2 x 8 Mode, Gate bus: 1 3 3 3 2 1 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 1 2 2

MFOS VCO= Square out to MFOS VCF Input 2

Wogglebug= LFO to LPG2 CV2, Step Out to LPG1 CV1, Woggle CV to MFOS VCF CV2


PAIA 9700= ADSR to VCO A PW, EG1 to Osc B FM, Osc A Sine to Osc B PW, Osc A Saw to FilterA, Osc A Square to FilterA Fc2, Osc B Saw to Filter B, Osc B Square to FilterB Fc1, Filter A Lowpass to VCA L, Filter B Lowpass to VCA R, EG2 to CVA Mod, VCA L to LPG2, VCA R to LPG1, L + R to Mixer

LPG1= Amp Mode, Deep mode, Out to Mixer

LPG2= Amp Mode, Deep Mode, Out to Mixer

MFOS VCF= Out to AD99 to Mixer

RS09= Out to Smallstone to AD99 to Mixer

Knob Settings?


Autismtechre by Haruxrayspex