Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loft Collab

Last Saturday I got a chance to make some music with alterbreak on Art Inst. of Chicago's amazing EMU Modular and MOTM system. More details on the patching we'll post later, but for now here's the rough mix of the track:

Loft- Untitled 2 (collaboration with Recompas/Voice of Saturn) by alter/break

My part mainly used the MOTM system. I used several MOTM 300 Ultra VCO's to create both the sequence (controlled by the amazing Q119 Sequential Controller) and the chirps and clicks using the MOTM 800 Env. Generators and micro VCA's. The main sequencer went through a MOTM440 ota VCF and the chirp sounds were from the resonance of a MOTM420 VCF. I used some the vco's on the EMU as LFO's for filter control and a really cool custom clock divider to handle some of the triggering. Nate can take it from here on explaining the other half of the emu stuff. Some very rare and unique modules in that thing.

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