Sunday, May 15, 2011

Modular Soundtrack

Here's a piece I recorded for an installation in europe by fashion designer siki im. Patch details:

Gear Used/Patch:

Moog MS20 -> DIY Fuzz Face clone -> MoogerFooger Ring Modulator

Boss Dr. Sample

Drone Commander

Steiner VC Oscillator -> Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter with Modulation from an LFO-ENV created with Doepfer A-167 Comp and A-140 ADSR

MFOS Osc control by VoS Sequencer -> Buchla LPG Clone in Amp Mode controlled by Serge VCS which receives a gate from the VoS Sequencer -> Blacet Klang Werk -> VoS Filter controlled by Doepfer A-146 LFO

All going into Ableton for recording, with most of them on a send to a dig spring reverb module and a few space echo clone vsts.

Sndtrk by recompas

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